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How do i get the yellow out of my nails? it seems to show a lot lately after I remove my nail polish?

that's because you're probably using too many products on your nails.

the chemicals in the polish and remover attack the protiens on the plate of your nails, so they become yellow.

if you give them time without putting anything on them, then they will go back to normal

but if you don't want anyone to see them you'll just have to keep painting them

unfortunatelyHow do i get the yellow out of my nails? it seems to show a lot lately after I remove my nail polish?
Yellow nails could be the cause of a few things, medical problems, nail fungus, smoking or excessive nail polish wear.

To brighten yellow nails you could


Buff your nails lightly to remove small amounts of yellow discoloration.


Dissolve a denture-cleaning tablet in water and use this to soak your nails for several minutes.


Squeeze fresh lemon juice into a small bowl ,then soak your nails for a few minutes. Wash your hands and follow with a moisturizer.


Make a paste of baking powder and lemon juice and apply a small amount to each nail. Buff lightly, then wash, dry and moisturize your hands and nails.


Make a paste of three tablespoons of baking soda and one tablespoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Use a cotton swap to apply the paste to the tops of your nails and underneath the tips. Leave on for five minutes, then rinse ofHow do i get the yellow out of my nails? it seems to show a lot lately after I remove my nail polish?
Your nails need to breathe, and the nail polish covers the nails and stops them from being able to breathe, this used to happen to me too, they turn all yellow after removing my nail polish, so i stopped using nail polish after a while, and my nails stopped turning yellow. It may also be a bad brand of nail polish too.
You should soak them in a hydrogen peroxide and water solution. Just mix about 1 part hydrogen peroxide with 2 parts water until you have enough liquid to cover your nails. It will bleach the yellow out without damaging your nails and it's also really cheap.
generally that happens when your nail is deprived of oxygen. thats usually a result of having nail polish on for a prolonged period of time. so let your nails breathe a little bit, usually that works for me.
yellow nails could be indicative of a medical issue. please go to your doctor and ask what could be turning your nails yellow. if the doctor doesnt help, get a referral to a dietician
---------------------------Here are some free tips------------------------

1. Wash them.

2. Cut some of it.

3. Buy another nail polish.

4. Polish them.

5. look at other answers.
Soak them in lemon juice for a few mins. Make sure when you paint your nails, you start with a base coat. It's the polish that is making them yellow. If you start with a base coat that won't happen.
its because you were nail posh to much, and your nails are always painted or for long periods of time. just take it off for a while and give your nails a break it happens to me.
OMG i have that with my nail varnish from barry m it looks like i have really manky nails, i dont know yet how to get rid of it sorry =P
when you remove old polish, cleanse nails and dry. make sure to apply a BASE COAT. the base coat can help keep the polish from staining your nails. base coat is usu just a clear coat.
Nail polish tends to stain nails yellow. It happens frequently. Try using a base coat prior to applying polish next time.
happens to me too!

but i heard your supposed to put a clear coat on before you put the normal nail polish on. keep doing it and youll see the diffrence!
lotrimin you probably have fungal infection under your nails or if you smoke it could be from the nicotine good luck
ask your doctor, but im sure u kan get this stuff at cvs

its like nail polish but clear

you should be okay girl

no worries
This prob sounds weird but it works.

get a bowl of hot water (but not too hot..) and at 1-2 denture cleaning tablets.. let them dissolve and soak ur hands in them

trust me it works.

i hear that lemon juice works a bit. Try it. It can't be too bad besides the fact that you killed the lemon. =D

It doesn't really come out unless you stop using nail polish for a while and let them ';breathe';.
Get a good nail buffer. The polish has stained your nails.
try not using yellow nail polish.
it was probably a cheap brand of nail polish.

try bleaching them to get them back to normal.
go to sallys an dget this nail polish for yellow and cracked nails, its like 6 dollars and its really good!
you probably have some sort of fungus, i'm sorry, i'm mean
let it breathe and use a protective 1st coat i think sally hansen makes some
wait where is the yellow?? under you nail
dont wear nailpolish for a while
grow them out and then cut them
dont paint them for awhile, let them breathe

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