Monday, May 10, 2010

How do I get the yellow stains from cigarettes off my nails?

god...dont u just hate it when you ask a question and you get a lecture advice is try the bleach on a tooth brush and smoke all you want lolHow do I get the yellow stains from cigarettes off my nails?
um bleach can burn your skin after awhile.

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How do I get the yellow stains from cigarettes off my nails?
Imagine what's happening to your lungs?

Stop holding the cigarette until it's down to nothing. That, or get a cigarette holder.
i think they want you to stop smoking?
soak them in vinegar.
Stop smoking...crack kills
try lemon juice....or bicarb of soda
Thats sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo鈥?easy!


If thats the state of your nails imagine your chest %26amp; lungs inside ... thats gross .
Oxy clean powder made into a paste. Rub it gently on your nails and let it sit for a bit before washing it off. And if you don't desire to quit smoking, get a cigarette holder. You can usually find one that can fit in a purse or handbag. That will keep the cigarette and its smoke further from your hand (and it looks pretty). It also helps to wash your hands and nails after you smoke. I'm a smoker, and my nails are beautiful.
what my dad used to do was a brillo pad and bleach and rub it over the nails still does the trick but wouldnt be best to pack in . Hope it works .
OK OK everybody Say's stop smoking,but if this person cannot stop and its a proved fact that smoking does not kill everybody who smokes,it is the way you hold the cigarette and strength that is causing your problem,it is unhealthy,i know of patient's who were having heart operations that it was decided to let them continue smoking untill after the operation,i have seen it with my own eyes in hospital,it is no quick fix to giving up as i am sure that many of you fell of the wagon before being a success,if cannot give up reduce the amount you smoke and hold your cigarette a different way.
Quit smoking! Then let the yellow grow out. Should take about a month.
gtchya nails done
give up smoking
The most obvious is to quit smoking and in a month or so you will shed all that skin and be free of yellow...ness
dip them in bleach for a few will smell...for a wee while...but will eventually go away....
Stop smoking it's bad for you.
bleach!!!! and use a toothbrush to clean underneath them. doesnt smell too good but nor does the cigarettes lol
QUIT SMOKING. soon, itz not just yr nail that r gunna be yello. your teeth 2.
Stop smoking and it will grow out, you will also have more money, better health and taste you food properly.
first of alll you need to stop smoking cuase it is horriable for your health but its ur life so u can decide but i have no clue ask your doctor or any one else you may kno who has or has had that promblem but sorry I have no advise besides that but good luck on getting it off.
You can buy Sally Hanson nail whitening pencil or you can buy a whitening / buffer kit. Same make - Sally Hanson - it's a small tube of white gritty cream with a brush. You scrub your nails with it for a minute %26amp; wash off. Very good I have it in the house can't remember exact name of it though.
I heard lemon juice but I don't know if it's true.
Stop smoking and use the anti yellow nail polish by Sally Hansen. I don't smoke, so i don't know if this will work. If you do quit your nails and body will thank you.
Don't smoke?

or how about scrubbing with diluted bleach one part to sink of water?
Stop Smoking.
you have to quit smoking, imagine what your lungs look like
you should probably take a nail file over your nails. you know, kinda scrape away at that top layer? if that doesnt work, i suggest you stop smoking if it means that much to you. or go get your nails painted. either one......
First off, its a free country, and tobacco is legal, so smoking is your choice, so everyone else can back off. But to answer your question, the definitave solution is a brillo pad or a green scrub pad. It is a buildup and you just need to scrub it off.


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