Friday, May 14, 2010

Sometimes when i take off nailpolish, my nails are yellow underneath. anyone know why???

the nailpolish is fairly old, could that have something to do with it?Sometimes when i take off nailpolish, my nails are yellow underneath. anyone know why???
its the nail varnish, just dip em in lemon juice and youll have sparkly nails again,,,,or just paint em another funky colour xxx

some varnishes leave a yellow tint after, nothing to worry about, doesnt harm your nails xxxSometimes when i take off nailpolish, my nails are yellow underneath. anyone know why???
Use a good quality basecoatl such as Stickey, by CND. Don't skimp on quality with it because the cheap brands won't help much.

A good basecoat will not only help to prevent staining, but it will give the polish something to adhere to, making it last longer. And finish it off with a good topcoat. That will add a high gloss to your polish and also protect it from chipping as well.

Good luck!
yes it could be that, my only other idea would be smoke getting under your nails and staining them.
it could be that you paint your nails too much. nailpolish basically suffocates the nails (just like makeup suffocates the face when you wear too much=pimples) this is just like the makeup

too much nailpolish=unhealthy nails

just dont wear it for a while!
your nails turn yellow if you have had your nail polish on for a really long time. This has happened to my friends so I have proof

It might be because the nail polish is old but it probably has something to do with the length of time you had it on.
because it's staining your nails-reds are the worst; like laundry if you wash a white sock in the red load. Use either a clear base coat (smoothes out ridges, makes polish stick to your nails better, letting your polish last longer and keeps your nails from staining.) or add a bit of lemon juice to water on a cottonball and rub it off. Base coat is better, acids de-laminate your nail layers, making them ';sheet off'; in layers.
are you wearing dark colored polish? you might try putting a basecoat or ridge filler on your nails before painting them.
Yes, it could mean that your nails aren't getting enough oxygen. That usually happens when you wear nail polish all the time. I once left polish on my toenails for 4 months when I took it off they were yellow, just give it a week or so without putting anything on them and they'll be back to normal, and you can start polishing again! Just make sure to give them a rest every once and awhile, that lemon juice sounds like it could be a good idea too. Good luck!
It is from the dye in the nail color. If you use a base coat first it will help.
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    1. It's normal after taking off the nail polish. But if you feel pain under it, there's something bad there. You should check this out: How do you get rid of yellow nails